Sleep Through the Night (STTN)

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August 17, 2013 by The Friday Facts

Hey there Sportsfans!

So I came to a realisation the other day: trying to deliver weekly 1000+ word blog posts, whilst simultaneously working full time and attempting to raise a kid and live a life – that’s some hard shit.

So as a solution, I’m introducing a system whereby every other week I’m going to post some random stuff I dug up on the internet somewhere. Essentially, I’m outsourcing.

Like outsourcing, it works for me because it’s cheaper, easier, and frees me up to think of something interesting and original to write about for my next post. And it works for you because……. well it works for me anyhow.

So this latest post comes from a Facebook group that I follow called “Mommy has a Potty Mouth”. They come up with some cool shit, but I don’t want to give them too much credit, because this was apparently not one of their own. Still, funny. So sit back and enjoy the Rat Drawn Daddy equivalent of getting some guy in Bangalore advise customers on how to install Windows XP on their laptops.


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Dad Thought of the Week

Every time my son hears me say a new word he butchers it in the most adorable way.
I say “cheers”, he says “theerth”.
I say “breakie”, he says “beksie”.
When I say “fuck”, however…. perfect diction.

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